Psalm 7

from by the garden variety



a blues arrangement of Psalm 7


Psalm 7

Oh Lord in You I take refuge
Save and deliver from all who pursue me
These lions will tear me apart

If I have done wrong with guilt on my hands
Repaying evil. betraying friends
Let my enemies trample me down

Arise oh Lord, rise up against
The fury of evil, bring justice, oh Lord
You rule nations from on high

Declare me righteous in my innocence
End every evil, come to my defense
For You see deep into my mind and heart

My shield is God most High
Who saves the upright
The righteous and wrathful judge, Yahweh

No one gets by with anything
God whets his sword, puts arrows on strings
He makes weapons and arrows deadly

Oh you wicked, who have sex with sin
Pregnant with evil, lies borne within
They fall into the pits they have made

Trouble is planned with ill intent
But upon their heads violence descends
See how evil backfires on them

I will give thanks to the Lord
For He is just
I will sing praise to His name, Yahweh

jamey cassell


from volume two, released June 13, 2012
jamey cassell: lead vocals
adam taylor: acoustic guitars, backing vocals
amy waters: backing vocals
peter guinta: keyboards
jonathan guinta: bass
josh dunsterville: trumpet
nate burkhardt: drums



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the garden variety Long Beach, California

The Garden Variety started over the question, "What would it look like to put the book of Psalms to music?" So here is our attempt, with the help of King David, to create a memorable listening experience of the psalter.

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